Vela Vox Photographs

Dommy B’s ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

A collaboration between Arts Council England, Z Arts, Big Imaginations and Action Transport Theatre, this Dom’s new theatre show for children aged 5+ and their families. More Details Here:

I never (Video Stills)

This is some artwork connected to “I never” by Vela Vox on the EP “So Opinionated” 

In the loop collective

  All photos by AirAdam

Manchester Photos 2016

Musical Theatre

Jess Barr performing at the Pocketful of Soul

Pocketful of Soul/Speakeasy Collective

Ukulele Ensemble

Ukulele Loop Performance

Loop and Harmoniser Pedal Gig @Freestyle Fictionary, more pics and vid soon to follow

When Trolls Try to Eat your Goldfish


With Light Studio Photo

  Here’s a photo from the set of the video “With Light” by Vela Vox. You can watch it here.