Press Reviews

“As an artist you can only lose when measured up against Adele.  [Vela Vox] however didn’t let that phaze her in the slightest and put on a remarkable version.” Südkurier Konstanz 2/3/2013

“extraordinary vocal talent ” Gießener-Allgemeine Gießen of 3/5/2013

“brilliant performance” “gave me goosebumps “ “she won over the audience with her striking, powerful voice.“– RuhrNachrichten Münster on 25/3/2013

“exceptional solo passages.” Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich 19/3/2013

“The volume of her Soprano voice was astonishing and result in spontaneous salvos of applause ”. – Augsburger Allgemeine 29/4/2013

“enthralled the audience.” Pforzheimer Zeitung 19/4/2013

“excellent vocal performance.” Weser Kurier Bremen 22/4/2013

“Without a doubt it was [Vela Vox] who took the biscuit with her golden voice. Her rendition of Rolling in the deep was deeply moving and was celebrated ardently by the audience.” Remscheid General-Anzeiger 16/4/2013

“[Vela Vox] earned jubilant applause as she sang …with considerable force.”– Die Rheinpfalz, Ludwigshafen 11/4/2013

“If one musician stood out, then that was [Vela Vox], whose vocal skills would be welcome in any jazz band…” Kieler Nachrichten, Kiel 23/3/2013

“With prolonged applause the audience showed its appreciation of the [ensemble’s] version of “Rolling in the Deep”. Vocally [Vela Vox]’s ability is on par with that of the great paradigm.”– Iserlohner Kreiszeitung 24/4/2013

If you want to read the original reviews (in German) you can find them here



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