EP No. 1 Sotto

First EP by Vela Vox “Sotto”; Ukulele Soul with ambience

EP No. 2 Wurlitzer of my dreams

As a teenager I dreamed that once I would have a Wurlitzer of my own. Oh the things I could do with a Wurlitzer! Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul meet in the dreams of my youth. 

EP No. 3 Ditties for Bad People

A collection of inappropriate and dreadful small songs in incredibly bad taste and no hint of political correctness. This is a collection of 17 tiny songs that include parodies, other artists and spoken word pieces. The songs were created using a loop pedal and only using one instrument and exploration of it, voice + percussion … Continue reading EP No. 3 Ditties for Bad People

EP No. 4 So Opinionated

This concept EP by Vela Vox “So Opinionated” is a Ukulele funk/soul/blues EP. Judgement day has come for a woman who is opinionated.

I love you- Original Song

“I love you” International and multilingual love-song produced and written by Vela Vox. This was a single with multiple re-mixes brought out in 2010.