Experimental and Interdisciplinary Art

Anti-consumerism, expression, play and sampling are central to Vela Vox’s interdisciplinary art which manifests itself in:

  • Experimental and Loop Performances: Drawing on music production techniques of sampling/found sound and utilising her musical skills, Vela uses loop pedals to create soundscapes and compositions using everyday objects (pasta, balls,etc) as well as using more traditional instruments and the voice in a new and exciting manner.
  • Sound Walks/Sonic Walks:  Using techniques from cinematic composition (Her extensive composition portfolio can be found at www.littleblueskeletonrecords.com) are used in pre-set walks to enhance and transform the surrounding by engaging audience members and asking them to interact with the environment using only music, sonic and signage.
  • Installations: Juxtaposing mixed media or filmed visuals with original compositions or found soundscapes, Vela creates installations that re-contextualise visuals through sound, or invites the audience to do so.
  • Miscellaneous Performance Art: Compositions/performances devised by Vela that have been performed by others.