Vela Vox is Berlin-born soul and jazz vocalist, composer -producer with an American upbringing. Understandably confused, she started mixing all of these cultural influences together to create her own eccentric  of songwriting, composition and interdisciplinary performance.

Her family was not a musical family, so she learned to make Music the only way that was affordable- by singing, and for years neighbours would know she was coming by her belting out tunes in hallways, much to their dismay.

As teenager she studied with Berlin-based classical singer Robyn Lynn Gooch, learned to tear up Gospel Stages with Gospel  greats Ola Jean Andrews and Wayne Ellington and has since played with an impressive array of session Musicians including Lamb’s drummer Myke Wilson, Lily Allen’s Bass and Keys Players John Ellis and Clive Hunte, Happy Mondays Singer Julie James and Hip Hop supergroup The Mouse Oufit. She also connected in the Hip Hop scene in Germany and the U.K, having collaborated with König Quasi, PDM, Two One (Murkage), Deepo (Room2 Records) and being married to battle rapper Visceral and good friends with producer Twisted Roots (Mystro).

Jess only started late to have singing and piano lessons and used to clean her piano teachers’ apartments in exchange for lessons. She is self-taught in Ukulele and Guitar as well as in Music Production. It has cemented her core value that music should be accessible to anyone, regardless of economic situation, gender, sexuality, age or ability.

She has since gone on to play  and sing in 70+ large and small venues across Europe and the U.S.A. such as the Mozartsaal in Vienna, the A-Trane Jazz Club in Berlin as well as Band on the Wall in Manchester, as well as singing at celebrity weddings and festivals across the U.K. such as SolFest.

She is currently working with poets Dommy B and Louise Fazackerley on their respective childrens’ shows and has toured around the U.K. with them.

Her most recent project is solo looping with Ukulele, Loop Pedal and Harmoniser. She is currently working on Hip Hop projects as well as a Neo-soul and noise-based solo album.

In her work she uses samples, noises made with everyday objects as well as instruments and experimental influences, hence vocal harmonies, sampling and the Ukulele are cornerstones of her solo sound. 


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