Vela Vox is a German-American Soul and Jazz Vocalist, Composer-Producer and shredder of Ukuleles. She produces Music for Film and Media with Little Blue Skeleton Records, writes and performs with various ensembles and in theatre shows in Berlin, Paris, the USA and around the U.K. and creates interdisciplinary art such as sound walks, loop pedal performances and installations. 

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EP No. 1 Sotto

First EP by Vela Vox “Sotto”; Ukulele Soul with ambience

EP No. 2 Wurlitzer of my dreams

As a teenager I dreamed that once I would have a Wurlitzer of my own. Oh the things I could do with a Wurlitzer! Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul meet in the dreams of my youth. 

EP No. 3 Ditties for Bad People

A collection of inappropriate and dreadful small songs in incredibly bad taste and no hint of political correctness. This is a collection of 17 tiny songs that include parodies, other artists and spoken word pieces. The songs were created using a loop pedal and only using one instrument and exploration of it, voice + percussion … Continue reading EP No. 3 Ditties for Bad People

EP No. 4 So Opinionated

This concept EP by Vela Vox “So Opinionated” is a Ukulele funk/soul/blues EP. Judgement day has come for a woman who is opinionated.

I love you- Original Song

“I love you” International and multilingual love-song produced and written by Vela Vox. This was a single with multiple re-mixes brought out in 2010.

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